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Our Language School and the Education We Offer

KENT ENGLISH is well-situated in the lively centre of Ankara, Turkey’s capital, and is easily accessible from all parts of the city. It occupies two floors in a modern air-conditioned building.

The school was first established in the early 1980’s with the aim of providing high quailty education with prices that people can afford. Since those early days, we have maintained a first-rate  reputation for putting the needs of students first. We are very proud to say that over our many years of teaching, we have helped thousands of students to improve their proficiency in English and have greatly advanced their careers.

Our  teachers are keenly aware that real learning and fluency go hand-in-hand with practice. In the classroom, we use lots of activities to practise your new language skills through pair work and group work in a relaxed atmosphere where students are encouraged to participate.

Our ENGLISH – ONLY policy is central to our teaching approach because we are committed to providing an English-speaking environment wherever possible within the school. As our teachers are all native-speakers, and all our staff speak English well, it is not difficult to maintain this policy.

Our syllabus is fully compatible with the COMMON EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK which sets out of the standards of achievement for langauge learning from Beginner to Advanced.

Our Success

KENT ENGLISH owes its success to the following:

1. We have never compromised our ENGLISH – ONLY policy and this sets us apart from other language schools.

2. Our team of teachers consists entirely of native speakers who are dedicated professionals trained in the techniques of teaching English as a second language.

3. Providing high quailty English teaching has always been our top priority. With our course prices and  free extra lessons we offer great value for money.

4. There is no pressure to commit to many weeks of classes. At  KENT ENGLISH you sign up  for ONLY ONE  4-week,  6-week or 8-week course at a time.

Placement Testing

Courses are continuous throughout the year so you can enrol in a course at any time. When you come to KENT ENGLISH, you will be given a placement test to determine your proficiency in English. This test is free-of-charge, and consists of written questions followed by a short interview in English. During our working hours, you are welcome to take information, sit the placement test and complete registration for oneof our courses if you wish.


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